Personal Training

ATP MEthod

Create A Resilient New You

Our detailed intake process sets our foundation,  our preparation & programming provides the road map, leaving you to steer and me as your guide.  Through this collaborative manner  -coach and client- we yield optimal results. 

This is more than personal training. 


Physical Performance

Anyone can make you sweat and program a “tough” workout. We go beyond the dogma of training until you puke, we train hard but more importantly we train SMART.

Take control

Joint Health & Mobility

Who says you cant get strong and still be mobile and free. After all, why get strong and fit if everything hurts all the time? We take into account joints and mobility of the body especially the shoulders and hips.


Better Posture

Not only do we work on getting stronger and more agile, we also create better posture. Through length-tension assessments, I program what needs to get stretched vs what needs to get strong. There is no guessing.


Movement Quality

We learn as we do. What we do when we train needs to be applicable to real life. What’s the difference between a deadlift and say picking up a child? Not much other than the weight. Better movement quality equates to better lifting habits and spine hygiene. 

The ATP Method

Along the Way

When you train with us, you receive much more than just personal training. We teach you sustainable practices to take outside of the training space.


Superior Coaching
& Accountability

Coaching is just as, if not more important than the training. Form, intent and execution all allow for safer and more efficient training.


Evidence Based SOlutions

There’s no room for guessing when it comes to our training. We have a WHY to as why we do what we do.


Individualized programming

As cliche as it sounds, I believe that we truly cater to your needs in a way you won’t find anywhere else.


Nutrition & Recovery

We teach sustainable practices and habits when is comes to eating right and making sure we recover.