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Realizing the complexity of the human body, we opted to learn from industry leading professionals and internationally recognized organizations. Through these multiple lenses we create a multi-factorial and integrated model that helps get you towards your health, wellness and performance needs. These influences allow an approach like no other.

Below you’ll find the science and methods that laid the foundation of what we do.

Absorbing what is useful.
Rejecting what is useless.
Adding what is our own.


The nervous system establishes programs that control human posture, movement and gait. This ‘motor control‘ is largely established during the first critical years of life – when we are babies.

DNS emphasizes this neurodevelopment aspect of motor control in order to assess and restore dysfunction of the locomotor system helping patients, clients & professional athletes.

This scientific approach stimulates movement “control centers” in the brain. By stimulating these control centers, we are better able to access how we are meant to move and function.

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PRI is a neuromuscular re-training approach in which focus is placed on asymmetrical patterns and influence of polyarticular chains on the human body and muscles. PRI recognizes the global response of imbalances and dominance. 

This innovative approach addresses moment dysfunction to assist in better movement, less pain & enhanced performance.

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FRC is a joint health optimization based on scientific principals and research that was developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal, and human movement expert Dr. Andreo Spina. 

Based on joint health and mobility training – mobility referring to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses across a particular articulation (joint). The more mobile a person is, the more “work space” available. More work space creates allows one to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.

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Chek Institute

Chek appreciates the integration of the mind and body.  By paying respect to an often neglected factor – the autonomic nervous system, we create more room for opportunity. We create the ability to assess physiological and prescribe exercise accordingly.

Through this integration of mind-body fitness and traditional exercise prescription we enhance function, posture and well being.

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Back Fit Pro

Back Fit Pro was created by Professor Stuart McGill PhD, who dedicated 32 years to investigating how the spine works, the mechanisms of pain, and proven ways to eliminate pain and restore pain-free activity.

Though his research, Dr. McGill has established that all back pain has a cause. Through this lens, one can rehabilitate back pain, prevent back pain to better reach goals and enhance performance.

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The Carrick Institute shares the dynamic of the ATP Method. One that appreciates the inter-coordination of the systems comprising the human body. 

Utilizing Carrick Institute tools, we can create athletic excellence through the means of modern exercise physiology, exercise prescription and planning,  nutritional strategies, sports science and movement kinematics.

 In doing so we optimize physical performance in the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system in addition to the brain and nervous system.

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Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition are the leaders in the science of nutrition. This scientifically proven system and coaching methodology, creates room for growth for even the most elite.

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rEFLEXIVE Performance

RPR establishes breathing and tactile input to ‘reset’ out of survival and into performance.

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Team Exos

Exos ,formally Athletes Performance are industry leaders in the world of health and sports performance. EXOS proactive views of health and performance has helped elite athletes, the military and businesses. 

In 2012, EXOS supported training for 60 London Olympic Medalists, including 24 gold medal winners in addition to 14 NFL 1st round draft picks.

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