I am here to help YOU. Thus far I have helped an array of individuals from pro athletes, 2018 Mr.Olympia, to a 75 year old woman with shoulder and back pain. (More about me here) I’ve studied, read, experienced, attended and spent over a years salary… or two, in education and courses to try and answer the many questions I’ve had and I’m sure you have had as well.

for knowledge about a thing, is the best way to acquire power over it

Many of the question I have asked have led to further questions and what I deem a lifelong journey towards health, wellness and human performance. This unlimited curiosity of the human brain always finds questions to ask.

You too may have asked questions like:

‘How do I get faster’,’How do I build muscle’,’Why does this give me pain’,’Best foods for weight loss’,’How to I prevent age related decline’ etc.

These questions have led us down a path of information overload. In order to reach your goals, what usually happens next is something like this:

  • You bounce back and forth between training styles or try a training program you found online or on social media then before you know it, you’re looking for the next one.
  • You hear of a trend-diet such as keto or intermittent fasting and you think it might work for you, so you give it a try.
  • Your friend or family member recommended x, so you try it out only to end up on y.
  • You go through extreme measures and end up where you started

If you fall into any of the above categories it’s not a bad thing, in fact I would argue it’s a GOOD thing. You’re trying to change for the better. If you don’t fall into the above then congrats – you’ve obviously done your part and researched what works for YOU, you have discovered the missing piece to the puzzle.

What’s missing is a system and structure towards reaching what it is that you’re looking to gain

Over the years, I’ve learned that no matter the goal trying to be attained, there are fundamental principles in the field of kinesiology, neurology and sports performance that are to be followed. Creating structure on fundamental priciples will bring you – the client, athlete or professional – the best possible results. This is why i created the ATP Method.

A few steps towards understanding become veg rewarding