With a greater sense of awareness, comes a greater sense of wonder. In this wonder lies the search for answers pertaining to the human body.  For this very reason, the ATP Method mission is to guide you in your journey to that which is TRUE, USEFUL, & IMPORTANT in reaching your goals as a parent, student, athlete and beyond. 


To those wanting body composition change or improve everyday function, to the aspiring student or professional athlete. We put information into context, brining you towards your physical, mental and athletic performance goal.

Absorbing what is useful.
Rejecting what is useless.
Adding what is our own.




We abide to deliver results in a technical manner through a detailed intake, clear coaching, clear planning and program design and technical in our coaching, making you more agile and resilient.

we abide to deliver results in a technical manner through clear direction, instruction, and explanation, yielding clear RESULTS.

This multi-factorial and integrated model that the ATP Method encompasses is influenced and inspired by the many principles, thoughts and ideas from industry leading professionals.

The more I found out, the more I found out I need to know. pillars

Readily absorbing ideas from every source, including our own, we create solutions for your goals. ATP Method is ever evolving just as the people we help evolve daily. In evolving, we ADAPT.

Because I readily absorb ideas from every source – frequently starting where the last person left off – I never pick up an item without think about how i can improve it. ABOUT ME


Personal Training

Pain Manegment


Health Coaching

Appreciating The Complexity
Simplifying The Approach

To those wanting body composition change or improve everyday function, to the aspiring student or professional athlete. We put information into context, brining you towards your physical, mental and athletic goals.

  • Functional Mobility & Resilency 
  • Optimizing Physical Performance
  • Neuro-Developmental Motor Control
  • Holistic Approach to Health & Wellness
Its not just about knowing, but doing, so lets get started!
Along the journey we provide you with:
  • Superior coaching and accountability
  • Evidence based solutions
  • We teaching, listen and learn
  • Fundamental principles of kinesiolgy, neurology and sports performance
The ATP Method from a birds eye view provides and guides clients, athletes and professionals in the field with the necessary tools to attain their goals. By providigin the necessary tools The ATP Method helps you overcome the physical and mental barriers in reaching YOUR GOALS in the avenues of:
  • Personal Training – Online & In-Person
  • Sports Performance
  • Pain management & injury Prevention
  • Health Coaching
  • Professional Development

We create Adaptations by being Technical in what we do, in doing so, we create Plasticity. In creating plasticity — we grow. In growth lies room for further adaptations, creating a cycle of OPTIMAL HUMAN POTENTIAL

Boost Performance

Develop strength, power, speed and endurance to meet your goals

Movement Quality

Better movement means less injury and greater potential

Better Recovery

Your next training session is only as good as your last recovery efforts

Eliminate Pain

Become resilient. Live free of pain, without restriction.

Create Longevity

Long-term sustainable solutions for a healthy, balanced life 

brain in human cognitive function

Adapt Mindset

Although separate, the mind and body are UN-SEPARABLE

Enhance Performance

Movement Quality



Create Longevity

brain in human cognitive function


Personal Training

Sports Performance

Pain Management

Remote Coaching

Professional Development

Applying what the PROS use

Providing you with the BEST solutions

Are you Ready
to create the new you?

The atp method

Reach Goals

Our Mission 

To connect the dots in your health, wellness, athletic and professional journey by appreciating the complexity of the human body & mind 

– simplifying the approach.

Our Vision 

To raise the standards in the health and fitness industry and help those wanting to get 

healthier, stronger & faster.

Through comprehensive assessments and a multi-perspective decision making process, we create an adaptive strategy to 

reach your goals. 

"The whole is always greater than the sum of the parts"

Incredible Is Our Ability to Adapt

We thrive in our endeavors becaause we can adapt. Feats of human performance such as a sub two-hour marathon, a 1,102 pound deadlift, memorization of 67,890 digits of pie – all have come from the ability to adapt. 

The once incredible can become normal. 

Your once incredible can become your normal




Step 1
Problem Solve & Prepare

We create a vision - applying context to information.
We gather as much information as possible.
Things like what you eat to when you sleep.
The more we collect, the more we apply.

Step 2
Problem Solve & Prepare

Through our integrated model and multifactorial approach we start creating your profile. We take the metrics gathered from our assessment in step 1 and establish the course of action best suited to reach your wants and needs.

Step 3
Steer & Accelerate

Because every client is different, we see what's working and what can be improved. We monitor and re-evaluate progress and assessments allowing us to adjust in real time. Doing such, allows for greater accuracy, higher efficiency, and faster results. In other words, we learn by doing.

keto this, fat burning that, burn the most calories, don’t do this, don’t that, that “thing” is good…. no wait its bad