Sports Performance

ATP MEthod

Become a
better athlete

Our detailed intake process sets our foundation,  our preparation & programming provides the road map, leaving you to steer and me as your guide.  Through this collaborative manner  -coach and athlete- we yield optimal results. 

This is more than training for sport. 


Physical Performance

Getting stronger, faster and more agile the right way. When it comes it training for to improve athletic ability, one must know what is worth working on vs not. What’s going to give us the best ROI.

Take control


When it comes to athletes, this aspect is CRUCIAL for the development of the athlete. You simply can’t move where you can’t move. We find out what’s not moving well and teach it to move.


Afferent Information

Without boring you with jargon, the better we can perceive where we are in space from a internal/central nervous system standpoint , the better adept we become in our sport. 


Sports Science

In addition to what we find in our assessment, we use sports science and literature to decide what will work best for you and the timeline you have. There’s no room for errors of guessing.

Utilizing What The Pros Use

"Together we learn, we adapt and we perform"
Alex Rodriguez
ATP Method founder