Pain Management

ATP MEthod

Your movement is the best inflammatory you own.

When it comes to pain – movement becomes limited. Movement limitations cause more movement limitations. You don’t get better by resting! Instead lets find the mechanisms that are causing your pain. Lets find the problems and eliminate it.


Physical Performance

Build the capacity of the body to withstand more. Along the way we boost our strength and confidence. 

Take control

Joint Health & Mobility

Emphasis on whole body mobility. We opt to work and move through full ranges of motion to not only enhance our joints but also lubricate them.


Better Posture

Not only do we work on getting stronger and more agile, we also create better posture. Through length-tension assessments, I program what needs to get stretched vs what needs to get strong. There is no guessing.


Movement Quality

We learn as we do. What we do when we train needs to be applicable to real life. What’s the difference between a deadlift and say picking up a child? Not much other than the weight. Better movement quality equates to better lifting habits and spine hygiene.