Better Movement.
Less Pain.
More Performance.

Providing North Shore with health & fitness services  to better  movement quality,  longevity and to enhance performance.

What we do.


a heritable physical or behavioral trait that serves a specific function and improves an organism’s fitness or survival.

The atp method

Through the means of an interdisciplinary lens, my job is to provide you with the best possible solutions to reaching your goals.

Encompassing a multifactorial & fully integrated model we can systematically tackle any problem.

In-person and online services with respect to body composition, strength, mobility, flexibility and overall health and wellness. Together we systematically build a step by step plan towards your destination.

If you’re in pain and wanting to get back to do doing the things you love, we can provide the way to better posture, movement & quality of life. 

Not just for athletes but also for those looking to train like one. Following our dodecagon model of athletic deveoplment, we guide you towards your needs AND wants.

For those looking for lifestyles changes and steps toward the direction of better health, our holistic model takes into account that of body, nutrition, mindset and beyond.

All of the above but from the comfort of your home! From virtual training to virtual assessments all suited to meet your goals.

More options to boost your performance compliment you training. From assessments, body work, neurodevelopment, and more.

Boost Performance

Develop strength, power, speed and endurance to meet your goals

Movement Quality

Better movement means less injury and greater potential

Better Recovery

Your next training session is only as good as your last recovery efforts

Eliminate Pain

Become resilient. Live free of pain, without restriction.

Create Longevity

Long-term sustainable solutions for a healthy, balanced life 

brain in human cognitive function

Adapt Mindset

Although separate, the mind and body are UN-SEPARABLE

Utilizing What The Pros Use

Our Mission

To connect the dots in your 

health, wellness, athletic and professional 

journey by appreciating the complexity of the human body & mind 

simplifying the approach.

The atp method

Will help you reach
YOUR goals.

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